No Trust Verify

Take place to the next generation of privacy infrastructure

We want each person to have the right to decide when to reveal his real identity, to see his private sphere respected and to regain his digital sovereignty.

This is why we have chosen to reinforce Nym's mixnet network with our mixnodes and gateways

Information on our mixnodes

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Our values

Matterhorn (Switzerland)

Swiss hosting

We choose renowned actors for our infrastructure, while favoring local Swiss providers.

Fiber optic


Through the providers, a stable bandwidth is provided

24/7 sign

Uptime 24/7

We maintain a set of dedicated high performance servers


Fair fees

Only 5% for the mixnode, the rest for you

Why Nym ?

The Nym network is a decentralized and tokenized infrastructure providing holistic privacy from the network layer to the application layer. With Nym, you can communicate freely without censorship or fear. Combining a decentralized mixnet and a credential system, Nym weaves token-based incentives into the ecosystem it enables, delivering privacy that is both sustainable and scalable. Nym fills in the missing pieces of the cryptographic revolution necessary to end mass surveillance.

How Nym Works ?

Privacy is a property of an entire system taken as a whole, not any one aspect of the system. Even if you use the most advanced cryptographic tools to secure one layer of your communication, it won't be private if the other layers leak information. Nym's goal is to provide privacy to all internet traffic across multiple layers by deploying a generic system that can scale by design to include the entire world.
Nym is comprised of two components:
A decentralized mixnet that protects users' network traffic (layer 0), improving on the models represented by VPNs and Tor.
A tokenized credential system that provides application-level privacy and that enables users to access the Nym mixnet.
Mixnet schema

Economic incentives are provided to encourage participation and to prevent abuse of the network. To this end, the network requires users to to use NYM tokens. These tokens are used to pay for and are integral to the provision of network services. For example, mixes are rewarded for mixing—the intensive but useful computation needed to route packets on behalf of other users in a privacy-enhanced manner—rather than mining. Designed to be compatible with any blockchain, a Nym blockchain maintains the state of credentials and the operations of the mixnet so the Nym network can be decentralized, permissionless, and trustless. Use of the token also prevents network abuse and an economic disincentive to "spam" the system.


Nym provides stronger privacy than any single-use-case mixnet or isolated application of privacy-enhancing technologies or cryptographic primitives. Because its infrastructure supports so many different applications, Nym can blend large, diverse user bases of different applications into a single massive crowd. This is a breakthrough, because in order to be anonymous when using a system, you must be indistinguishable among a group of users—and the larger the group, the better the privacy.