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Exploring Privacy, Self-Sovereignty,
and Trustless Innovation

We are deeply experimentation-oriented, with a particular focus on technologies related to privacy, self-sovereignty and trustless organizational structures. Our proactive commitment is reflected in a number of projects.

In particular, we are contributors to Nym, supporting the existing infrastructure, developing applications and spreading essential knowledge related to privacy issues. In addition, we are active contributors to the Alephium community, offering decisive components such as full nodes, useful and exploratory services, Bridge guardian while participating in the development of dApps.

Our areas of competence

Matterhorn (Switzerland)

Infrastructure management

Managing essential infrastructure.

Fiber optic

dApp development

Developing decentralized applications.

24/7 sign


Offering guides and tools to preserve it.


Community development

Helping communities to expand.

Matterhorn (Switzerland)

Content creation

Writing blog articles about projects.

Our Contributions

Our proactive dedication extends across various projects.


We contribute fully to the Nym network as mixnode operators, managing infrastructure, developing tools and applications and the dissemination of essential knowledge regarding privacy concerns.


Taking charge of pivotal elements like bridge, full nodes, backend systems, and various exploratory functions, as well as participating in the development of dApps and we're active in community development.

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