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Pastenym is a text sharing service that aims to protect the privacy of its users by using Nym's mixnet to encrypt and protect users' data and metadata. Pastenym is inspired by pastebin/zerobin and works in a similar way, but adds a layer of privacy protection through the mixnet.

Share your texts and files on pastenym.ch

Is Nym Up

Check the current status of Nym's mixnet at isnymup.com. This tool keeps you up to date on Nym's mixnet performance and availability.

Mixnet status on isnymup.com

Awesome Nym

Dive into a meticulously curated list of resources about Nym, offering additional insights beyond the official documentation.

Find Awesome Nym here


Decentralized prediction game running on Alephium

Buy a ticket here


Tipping bot similar to LightningTipBot but for Alephium, which lets you distribute $ALPH across Telegram.

Start tipping with tipALPH